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This first series “Abundance” is inspired by the 17th centuries Dutch Master Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder’s painting “A still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase”. This series is an exercise of style trying to answer the question of how to create a still life of flowers that is both, true to the original spirit and appealing for a contemporary viewer.
You can purchase the catalogue either as hardcopy or PDF of the first show in Manchester here: BLURB

  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon
  • The Circle of Flowers

    The Circle of Flowers
  • Papal Bouquet Gone Wild

    Papal Bouquet Gone Wild

  • Pompeii Pink

    Pompeii Pink
  • Spring in Versailles

    Spring in Versailles
  • Pompeii Gold

    Pompeii Gold

  • Versailles Délicatesse

    Versailles Délicatesse
  • The Impossibility of Still Life

    The Impossibility of Still Life
  • Into the Norwegian Woods

    Into the Norwegian Woods

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