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Abundance - prints on paper

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ABUNDANCE collection - prints on paper

The serie “Abundance” is inspired by the 17th century painting “A still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase” of Dutch Master Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder. The flowers depicted are a mix of wild flowers photographed outside in nature and of artificial flowers photographed in a studio.

This serie is an exercise of style trying to answer the question how to create a still life of flowers that is both, true to the original spirit and appealing to a contemporary viewer. Mixing original and copy, real and artificial with the aim to create something beautiful.

The digital paintings in this serie are Gliclee gloss printed on Archival Paper of the highest quality. You can order the artwork in large, medium and small format. Follow this link for details on medium, format and size. Select your desired painting below for more details and to order it.


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