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I have a Dream

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I have a Dream SOLD
This work of art could be paired with “Chaotic Conversations" and seems to act as a counter-balancing visual force. Our around-the-clock life style dominated by ever-increasing technological gadgets for communication and our addiction to an always-online social life has produced an excess of contextual information and misinformation. Against that noisy background we sometimes struggle to find the clearing of our inner voice. “I have a Dream” offers on the one hand the hope that humanity will withstand that chaos of information and find its own harmony and on the other hand, generates a visual anchor to the viewer to refocus onto his/her inner serenity. The blue sky in the middle of the picture draws the sight into it and offers the possibility for the viewer to shut out all interfering background noises, literally and figuratively. Peace at last!

42 cm x 29.7 cm
Gliclee Print Gloss - Archival Media – Unframed


Original Unique 1/1 print with authenticity certificate signed by the artist.



Shipping cost UK not included
Shipping costs outside UK on request