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Now is All There Is

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Now is All there is
I wanted to call it RIP future but I didn’t like the connotation of death. Instead I look at it from a perspective of possibilities and life. The composition is like a crown of flowers for the defunct. The imagery suggest a new life, an rebirth possibility and the name " There is Only Now" suggest that moment by moment we can be reborn again and take the decision to start now as who we really want to be, who we declare we are. It is a hymn to the present moment that can only be joyful and peaceful. The NOW is the open door to bliss and abundance as it paves the way to the NOW of tomorrow. The future is an illusion as when it comes it can only be NOW.

Media: Digital painting on archival paper
42x29.7 cm


Original Unique 1/1 print with authenticity certificate signed by the artist.


Shipping cost UK not included
Shipping costs outside UK on request



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