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Pokémon the Spirit of Wealth

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Pokémon the Spirit of Wealth  SOLD


This composition was the first one to be completed and I wanted to keep the spirit of Ambroisus’ still life as pure and authentic as possible. I asked myself what symbols would currently define our global society? Money (Euro/Dollar/Pound), smartphone, fast and luxury cars (Keys are of a luxury AUDI model) and technological progress would be the common denominator of our society. The Robot symbolises technological progress. The Pokémon key hanger stands for the power social media can have over our behaviour and impact on our daily life. This interaction was best exemplified by the POKEMON frenzy of the summer 2016. Where does starts or finished reality and virtual reality?  As a whole the composition engages in the conversation of material abundance and its possible distorting effects on our civilisation where trivialities seems to drive our search for an immediate gratification yet falling to provide a greater  purpose to our existence. 


80 cm x 57 cm
C-Print Fuji Gloss Acrylic Reverse


Original Unique 1/1 print with authenticity certificate signed by the artist.

Bespoke version available upon request, that includes smaller/larger sizes, direct to media printing, lightboxes, vinyl printing, Perspex photo mounting. For more information, bespoke services or to make an appointment, please email us.

Shipping cost UK not included
Shipping costs outside UK on request

C-Type print is a silver halide based photographic colour papers printed with Lambda or Lightjet photographic printers. The print is bonded to acrylic using a silicon gel and then backed with 3mm black acrylic. The bonding process gives the image a high definition with deep saturated colours, which is expected to last for over 150 years if not exposed to direct sunlight. The acrylic bonded print is sealed form external polluants and protected by the acrylic layer from UV damaging light. Archival mounting is a process of mounting a print or photograph to a material that will not degrade over time and where the print will not suffer degradation.