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Versailles Délicatesse

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Versailles Délicatesse SOLD
Mint green, a Crystal Vase and translucent flowers suggest the delicate nature of life. Versailles as symbol of abundance, wealth, power and decadences, the synesthetic play between visual clues in the composition and words in the tittle sets the contextual framework of this composition. Life is a gift much like a delicate jewel or a crystal vase requiring careful attention, mindfulness and love, and yet so easy to break.  Taking existence for granted leads to misery and wars, we know all to well how history keep repeating itself. Art expresses what is fundamentally human and has the power to unite opposites and open up new choices, allowing new ideas to the viewer. It is in the sharing that wealth and happiness can foster the wellbeing of society. The wish in “Versailles Délicatesse” is to incite to contemplation and reflection about our destructive attitudes and beliefs.
42 cm x 29.7 cm
Gliclee Print Gloss - Archival Media – Unframed
Private collection

Original Unique 1/1 print with authenticity certificate signed by the artist.


Shipping cost UK not included
Shipping costs outside UK on request