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Blank Canvas

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Blank Canvas

A blank canvas is like an emptiness that opens up to countless creative possibilities. There is no such thing as “Blank” for as soon as we lay our eyes on it a world of creation has begun to manifest in our mind. The next steps is merely the execution of those ideas. Thoughts becoming reality; the process powering our human evolution.  All that has been built, created around us is the results of our ancestors’ creative endeavours. Look around and see the legacy we take for granted. In “Blank Canvas” I bow in humility and reverence to Ambroisus de Elder.


Media: Digital painting on Archival Paper
Mounting: wooden panel
Size: 60 x 80 cm
Finish: layered with resin and Patterned Varnish

Original - Unique work with authenticity certificate signed by the artist

Price upon request: Inquiry



Shipping cost UK not included
Shipping costs outside UK on request

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