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The "Comme à la TV" series consists of single edition prints on wooden panel of 60 x 80 cm and layered with resin. I explore the childhood's insecurity and self-doubt through the cartoons I used to watch on the Belgian and French television.
The digital technique I developed constructs the theme as fading memories. Just like frescoes, forms and colours appear to have been washed out, bleached, erode, scrubbed. The figures of the cartoons are reduced to vague pictures evoking a sense of false nostalgia and inexorable decay.
The "Comme à la TV" series is not yet available for purchase.

  • Who's that Bird?

    Who's that Bird?
  • Horny Mickey!

    Horny Mickey!
  • Fading Away

    Fading Away

  • Remi, Marco and son Singe

    Remi, Marco and son Singe
  • The Sound of Heidi

    The Sound of Heidi
  • Mighty Bulge

    Mighty Bulge

  • Betty Who?

    Betty Who?

  • Not So Felix

    Not So Felix

  • Not Right!

    Not Right!
  • Goldorak's Last Stand

    Goldorak's Last Stand
  • Batman's Love

    Batman's Love

  • The Past Ghost

    The Past Ghost
  • Jesus to Ulysses

    Jesus to Ulysses


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