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Who's that Bird?

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The "Comme à la TV" series explores the theme of childhood's insecurity and self-doubt through the cartoons I used to watch on the French and Belgian television. In most of the pieces although colourful, and seemingly happy and fun, hides a lurking danger in the background. That danger is symbolised by “Batman”, which can be faintly or clearly seen blended with the composition.The layering digital technique used to construct the picture, gives the art work a fresco like patina that mimic visually the process of fading memories. Figures, forms and colours appear to have been washed out, bleached, erode, scrubbed by the passing of time. The cartoons are reduced to vague pictures evoking a sense of false nostalgia and inexorable decay. However, the interpretation is left open to the viewer.


“La Bataille des Planetes” -  Original name Gatchaman, Japanese anime 1972-74


Ken Washio aka the Eagle is the team leader & tactical expert whose Bird Style is based on the eagle.

Media Digital painting 
Mounting: wooden panel
Size: 60x80 cm
Finish: layered with resin

Original - Unique work with authenticity certificate signed by the artist


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