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Contemporary artworks by London based digital artist

Manuel Lopez Herrera

Avialable on print, wooden mounted, and Limited editions



As an artist I strive to lift digital art to higher heights, while taking advantage of the technological opportunities it offers to democratize art ownership. Art can be enjoyed by anyone, and I have created a comprehensive collection to serve any whish and budget. From exclusive unique work of arts to limited print editions.

I want to be the digital Michelangelo, the Klimt, or the Warhol of the twenty first century. A screen is my canvas, the pen my brushes and my laptop my paintings. I borrow, I steal and deconstruct images, reconstruct them, and then digitally paint them over, creating new visual worlds that tell a story unique in themselves, unique to me and yet common to us all.


I explore extensively digital techniques and specific personal and societal themes, which reflect my broad interest and curiosity in life. I inquire, analyse, synthetize, and regurgitate them without judgement. They must be shared with others, what other purpose would they serve if not to move, and inspire the viewer? I want to communicate a sense of beauty, of harmony and peaceful contemplation regardless of the subject and what is going on outside in the world. Let CNN cover the ugly.




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