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Mythical Stardom

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This second series “Mythological Stardom” explores the current idolatry of celebrities and projects into a mythical future how our contemporary "stars" might be remembered and portraited by our future generations.

  • Themis Naomi

    Themis Naomi
  • Jake Priapus in the Garden of Eden

    Jake Priapus in the Garden of Eden
  • Artemis Moore

    Artemis Moore

  • The Spring is Coming John!

    The Spring is Coming John!
  • Hecate la Jolie

    Hecate la Jolie
  • Amun-Min in Sparta

    Amun-Min in Sparta

  • Penteshirea Queen of Kutgat

    Penteshirea Queen of Kutgat
  • Excalibur the VIII

    Excalibur the VIII
  • Astraea Saldana

    Astraea Saldana

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