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About MLH

MLH - Visual Artist 


Manuel Lopez Herrera 
Born in Seville, Spain I grew up in Brussels, Amsterdam, and in 2007 I moved to London with my soul mate Robert. London was to offer me a new playground to explore who I am, to grow as a human being and as an artist. Having made a successful career in the corporate world of IT, I had been inquiring for a while about a reason that would justify my existence beyond the daily routine of a productive member of society. As a child I remembers asking himself: “Why am I me?”.

I know now with relative certainty that my purpose is to love life; to be with what is beyond the good and the bad, the white and black. For life is a rare gift, it is an extraordinary privilege to be conscious of our human existence. Nothing is for granted and there is much to be grateful for.


My inspiration springs from the love of what is, whether internal or external, detached and curious and in utterly marvel of the magnificence of our universe. I know that we are fundamentally the expression of all that is good and beautiful in nature. Any other state is symptomatic of our potential being squeezed, unexpressed, limited, repressed, which is the root cause of our deeply troubled world.


Although I am versed with analogue painting techniques I preferred working with a digital pen and Laptop I can carry around. Additionally, digital production processes enable me to have full control over the entire creation cycle up to the end result. Having said that, I too feel a pervasive urgency for wanting to catch up with myself: I have a pressing desire to manifest the abundant ideas my mind keeps generating despite of myself.


The themes I explores are eclectic and reflect my broad interest and curiosity. The three series I have produced address each one a fundamental question at their source. The first series “Abundance” was inspired by the 17th centuries Dutch Master Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder’s painting “A still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase”. This series is an exercise of style trying to answer the question of how to create a still life of flowers that is both, true to the original spirit and appealing to a contemporary viewer.


The second series “Mythological Stardoms” explores the current idolatry of celebrities and projects into a mythical future how our contemporary "stars" might be remembered and portraited by our future generations. The third series “Comme à la TV” (as seen on TV), which is still in progress, explores the theme of childhood's insecurity and self-doubt through the cartoons I used to watch on the Belgian and French television.


Now you know probably more about me than I do of myself!

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MLH - Manuel 

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