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Athena Et Les Fleures Du Mâle

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Athena Et Les Fleures Du Mâle   

This composition is totally symbolic and referential. Athena is the Greek goddess of Wisdom and War. Minerva for the Roman, in the space between those two opposites the goddess hides among the splendour and calm of the flowers. The balanced is delicate and suggests we always have the choice between creation and destruction. The title of the work of art plays a word game between “Mâle” (French word for All that is bad and wrong) and “Male” (Male, masculine) and through an element of confusion as men have primordially been waging war throughout history.


Gliclee Print - Archival Media 
PhotoRag Hahnemuhler paper

42cm x 29.7cm

Original Unique 1/1 print with authenticity certificate signed by the artist.


Bespoke version available upon request, that includes smaller/larger sizes, direct to media printing, lightboxes, vinyl printing, Perspex photo mounting. For more information, bespoke services or to make an appointment, please email me.

Shipping costs outside UK on request