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Adele Marie Antoinette
  • Adele Marie Antoinette


    The portrait of Adele fused with the Roman statue of the Marine Venus and draped in the opulent pink and gold garments of Kate Blanchet's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I is a striking piece of art that evokes the style and personality of the legendary Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. The depiction of Adele as a regal figure, with her head held high and a confident gaze, captures the essence of Marie Antoinette's signature style and sense of poise. The fusion with the Roman statue adds a timeless quality to the portrait, creating a sense of grandeur and majesty that is truly breathtaking.The luxurious pink and gold garment worn by Adele conjures images of Marie Antoinette's own lavish wardrobe, with its intricate embroidery and ornate details. This element of the portrait highlights Adele's own status as a modern-day icon of fashion and glamour, a fitting successor to the legendary queen of France. Overall, this portrait is a stunning tribute to the legacy of Marie Antoinette and a celebration of Adele's own unique blend of talent, style, and fame. It captures the essence of both the historical figure and the contemporary artist, weaving together the past and present into a truly unforgettable work of art.

    Frame not Inluced!
    We professionally print on demand with a 11-colour pigment ink Giclee printer on the finest quality paper available in the market, a heavy 310 GSM Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, which has a textured surface resulting in deep blacks, rich colours, and high contrast. The paper archival durability is over 80 years if not exposed to direct sunlight. Our prints are available in four sizes S-M-L-XL. The white margin protects the printed area and simplify framing. We do not offer framing services as yet.
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