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Adele, The First
  • Adele, The First


    The portrait of Adele fused with the Marine Venus statue and dressed in the sumptuous silver and gold garment of Kate Blanchet's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I is a mesmerizing piece of art. At first glance, one is immediately struck by the delicate balance between strength and fragility that is conveyed through the figure's posture, expression, and clothing.The depiction of Adele as a powerful matriarch is conveyed not just through her lavish attire but also through her commanding gaze and the elegant poise of her body. Yet, at the same time, there is an unmistakable sense of compassion and empathy that emanates from the portrait, inviting the viewer to connect with the figure on a deeply emotional level. The fusion of Adele with the Marine Venus statue creates a timeless quality that evokes both ancient wisdom and modern-day resilience. The addition of the Queen Elizabeth I garment infuses the portrait with a sense of grandeur and nobility that is both breathtaking and inspiring. This portrait is a masterpiece that blends ancient and modern elements to create a stunning portrayal of Adele as a powerful yet compassionate matriarch. It is a testament to the enduring power of art to move us and inspire us to connect with our deepest emotions and aspirations.

    Frame not Inluced!
    We professionally print on demand all our art works on the finest quality paper available in the market. We use 11-colour pigment ink Giclee printing process on the finest Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, which has a heavy 310 GSM weight and a textured surface, resulting in an archival durability of over 80 years for art prints that are not exposed to direct sunlight. The prints have deep blacks, rich colours, and high contrast. Our art prints are available on four sizes, with a white margin to protect the printed area and simplify framing. Regardless of whether you choose to frame your art print with or without a mount, it will fit perfectly within the boundaries of your frame. We do not offer framing services as we believe that framing is a very personalized choice that involves many options that are specific to your individual taste. However, if demand justifies it we might add a framing option at a later stage.
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