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Minnie Monroe's Yellow Shoes
  • Minnie Monroe's Yellow Shoes

    "The "Cartoon" collection features a series of artworks in which MLH depicts his favourite TV cartoons from his childhood. The layered and faded effects applied to the images evoke memories that have been eroded by time, much like frescos. He now looks back at his childhood with nostalgia and mixed with a feeling of incredulity. Memories are fixed pictural frames that keep shifting with our experience. They are ever mutating and reinterpreted at will in the present. How can we than be sure of who we are?

    Minnie is an anthropomorphic mouse wearing a red bow and a blue polka-dot dress, paired with low-heeled yellow shoes. She first appeared in the 1928 cartoon short "Steamboat Willie" alongside her famous partner and longtime sweetheart, Mickey Mouse. Since then, Minnie has become an iconic figure in popular culture. She is classy, cheerful, and feminine, filled with love and affection, and can typically see the beauty in most things. In her appearances, Minnie is often portrayed as Mickey's love interest and loyal companion, Throughout her history, Minnie has undergone many transformations, reflecting the changing social norms and cultural values of her time. She has evolved from a passive character to a more independent and adventurous one, often taking on challenges and solving problems on her own.. Minnie Mouse continues to be a beloved and influential character, inspiring generations of fans around the world. Her positive spirit, grace, and determination have made her an icon of female empowerment and an enduring symbol of the magic of Disney.

    We professionally print on demand all our art works on the finest quality paper available in the market. We use 11-colour pigment ink Giclee printing process on the finest Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, which has a heavy 310 GSM weight and a textured surface, resulting in an archival durability of over 80 years for art prints that are not exposed to direct sunlight. The prints have deep blacks, rich colours, and high contrast. Our art prints are available on four sizes, with a white margin to protect the printed area and simplify framing. Regardless of whether you choose to frame your art print with or without a mount, it will fit perfectly within the boundaries of your frame. We do not offer framing services as we believe that framing is a very personalized choice that involves many options that are specific to your individual taste. However, if demand justifies it we might add a framing option at a later stage.
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