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Ulysses, Telemachus, Yumi and Nono
  • Ulysses, Telemachus, Yumi and Nono

    "The "Cartoon" collection features a series of artworks in which MLH depicts his favourite TV cartoons from his childhood. The layered and faded effects applied to the images evoke memories that have been eroded by time, much like frescos. He now looks back at his childhood with nostalgia and mixed with a feeling of incredulity. Memories are fixed pictural frames that keep shifting with our experience. They are ever mutating and reinterpreted at will in the present. How can we than be sure of who we are?

    Space legend "Ulysses 31" is a French-Japanese science fiction TV series that first aired in 1981. The show is a modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Odysseus, also known as Ulysses, set in a distant future where humans have colonized the galaxy. The series follows the adventures of Ulysses, a space explorer who, along with his companions, Telemachus his son, Yumi and Nono the Robot, is forced to journey across the galaxy after his son is kidnapped by the evil god, Zeus. Along the way, Ulysses and his crew encounter strange and dangerous creatures, as well as other human civilizations, while being pursued by the forces of Zeus. The show is known for its epic storyline, imaginative setting, and innovative animation techniques. It has gained a cult following over the years and has been praised for its memorable characters and themes of heroism and perseverance.

    We professionally print on demand with a 11-colour pigment ink Giclee printer on the finest quality paper available in the market, a heavy 310 GSM Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, which has a textured surface resulting in deep blacks, rich colours, and high contrast. The paper archival durability is over 80 years if not exposed to direct sunlight. Our prints are available in four sizes S-M-L-XL. The white margin protects the printed area and simplify framing. We do not offer framing services as yet.
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